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Crystals and champagne - the right way to enter the new year

  • 2 min read

As the proverbial curtains draw themselves to a close on another year, celebrations begin to rightfully centre themselves in our minds. With questions around New Year’s Eve plans becoming unabating staples in our conversations, the pursuit of ‘the look’ soon arises as a ticking time bomb that is both utterly terrifying and fiendishly exciting. 

Depending on what is pencilled in for your end-of-year soiree, the right outfit can set the tone for the year ahead. Whether it’s floor-grazing gowns or cut-out statements, December 31st is always going to be the perfect window for something a little more luxurious. After all, you wouldn’t want to be outshone by the champagne glass in your right hand.

The final chapter in your calendar can pose a conundrum however, albeit not just existentially, and leaving your outfit search to the last minute only risks disappointment. 

So below, we are rounding up the New Year's Eve outfits we've got on our list for the end-of-year celebrations. Chin chin!


Intrigue in the back.

Tradition would suggest that the backless gown, cut out from shoulder blade to hip bone, were the purview of chic nights at the bar - and it still holds true. A kind gesture to those in attendance, further intrigue can be achieved by the brushing of crystal down the length of the spine. Going backless requires observation from others and what better opportunity than a New Year’s affair. 


Room to dance.

End-of-year festivities should be characterised by a sense of jubilance, and what better way to frame the night than with legs-bare and a dance-ready number. Playful reveals and sensual cutouts only mirror the freedom and excitement of a season without formal responsibility, so leave the dress to do the talking and enjoy where the evening leads. 


The all-eyes-on-me.

At the end of the day, quiet confidence doesn’t resonate with New Year’s Eve- imagine the fireworks without the crackle and boom. Your soirée ensemble should embrace the je ne sais quoi that will leave people whispering over crystal champagne flutes as you walk past. Tapping into the chic drama of psyche will only have you being a fixture of conversations for the year to come.